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More than a mere transport operator, Groupe Lacroix is heavily engaged with the regions it serves. Via its subsidiaries, the Group actively pursues its involvement in local life through :

  • A strong and recognised commitment to road safety,
  • Meetings with neighbourhood associations,
  • Support for and implementation of actions contributing to the prevention of antisocial behaviour,
  • Sports and cultural activities,
  • Humanitarian actions, etc.

Road safety

For Groupe Lacroix, transport is not just about moving people from A to B, it is also about ensuring their safety. To this end, Groupe Lacroix has implemented a safety awareness policy, both internally and externally :

For drivers

  • Rational driving training and, every five years, mandatory safety training,
  • Training in the technical aspects of vehicles,
  • Raising awareness of road safety issues,
  • Improving driving skills in difficult situations (slippery road surfaces, snow and icy conditions),
  • Safety management,
  • Conflict management.

For young people

  • Campaigns to inform and raise awareness of good behaviour in vehicles,
  • Training of children and teenagers in primary and secondary schools on safety and behavioural issues,
  • Raising awareness of safety rules on board buses and around bus stops,
  • Creation and distribution in primary schools, secondary schools and technical colleges of the Cahier de Route Road Safety Kit.

cahier de route Cahier de Route : working together for the safety of young people !

Groupe Lacroix chairs Cahier de Route, an association created in 2006 that brings together public transport companies (Cars HourtouleCars LacroixCéobusGriselPNA-AERIAL, StavoSTIVO and Timbus), transport and logistics training organisation (AFTRAL) and MAIF Prevention. Its purpose is to raise awareness among young people of road safety issues, give presentations in schools using state-of-the-art media and develop a common policy for transport operators belonging to the association. Cahier de Route is supported by the Val d'Oise Prefecture and the Road Safety and Traffic Directorate.

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Good behaviour

For Groupe Lacroix, making sure that passengers have a good experience during their journey also means ensuring compliance with the rules of good behaviour.

To this end, Groupe Lacroix is developing via its subsidiaries local actions to combat antisocial behaviour and raise awareness of the rules of good behaviour on board buses and coaches.


The business of transporting people is at the heart of environmental issues and opting to use public transport is a statement in favour of the environment.

But beyond this, Groupe Lacroix wishes to confirm its environmental responsibility by adopting the latest eco-friendly electric motors for its vehicles (100% electric vehicles, GTL, hybrids) as well as by applying the latest environmental standards in the construction or renovation of its warehouses.

Some of its companies have also already started the RSE certification process (Corporate Responsibility Certification) Lucie label certified (which also include ISO 14 001 certification).


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