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Groupe Lacroix has developed a strategy of excellence at all levels based on innovative processes that ensure progress.

Quality of service on a daily basis

In order to meet the daily needs and expectations of its clients, all Groupe Lacroix subsidiaries are committed to a total quality process.
To achieve these goals, Groupe Lacroix attaches the greatest importance to the quality of recruitment and to initial and continuous staff training. In order to guarantee passengers a high quality of service, several subsidiaries (Cars Lacroix, Cars Hourtoule, Stavo) are engaged in a process of NF service certification for the urban networks they serve.

Reliability and safety

A modern and regularly-renewed fleet of vehicles, a system of rigorous inspection and routine maintenance for buses and coaches all contribute to delivering a reliable, comfortable and safe service.

Responsiveness and proactivity

Groupe Lacroix endeavours to :
  • Demonstrate openness and availability in order to respond to its clients’ needs in a timely manner, thereby enabling them to make the right decisions,
  • Be a committed, responsible and proactive partner vis-à-vis the local authorities responsible for implementing public policies in Paris and the Paris region.

Proximity and attentiveness

Groupe Lacroix’s teams are attentive to the needs of their clients in order to provide them with personalised services, deliver concrete solutions to their everyday transport needs and inform and guide them daily in a relationship of dialogue and trust.


For Groupe Lacroix, technology and innovation must always serve the public and for this reason the Group has always adopted the latest technology in the areas of safety, comfort and service (mobile application, real-time, dynamic mapping, virtual bus tours, etc.) in order to serve its passengers.

Inspection and routine vehicle maintenance

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