Our values unite us

coach driver
Groupe Lacroix is built on strong human and professional values, focused on the client. Shared by all the men and women employed by Groupe Lacroix companies, these values are their strength and help make the Group stand out from the crowd.


By recruiting qualified staff with recognised degrees and continuous training, in particular for drivers, Groupe Lacroix has developed a genuine culture of continuous improvement of skills.

Team cohesion

Encouraged by the management, Groupe Lacroix’s teams have acquired a sense of responsibility and efficiency. All the Group’s employees pursue the same objective, namely the satisfaction of the client.

Trust of clients

Groupe Lacroix strives to be responsive to the needs and expectations of its clients and seeks to remain close to their concerns, their daily lives and their regions. This applies to both the passenger it welcomes aboard and transports day in and day out and the central, regional or local authority that handed the Group the responsibility of transporting its inhabitants.

Continuity of leadership

From the founders to today’s leaders, the men and women who developed Groupe Lacroix always intended to pass on their knowhow and a profound sense of work well done. Based on these values, Groupe Lacroix’s managers have succeeded in establishing close relationships with their local authority partners and always with an eye to the future.

Professionalism, trust, cohesion and sustainability...