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driver welcoming a passenger
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At the heart of everyday missions in transport companies, these roles guarantee the interface with drivers, inspectors and mediation officers and ensure the proper provision of services. From operations manager to regulator, via the operations mission manager, planner or prepay manager, the expertise and professionalism of each one is essential in guaranteeing a good quality of service to our customers.

Examples :

Driver-Conductor M/F

Responsible for the quality of service and the image of the company, their mission is to transport travellers to their destination according to the timetable. They are, above all, responsible for the safety of the passengers they transport. They advise and welcome passengers. Depending on whether they are assigned to tourist activities or regular routes, they may be required to carry luggage or issue tickets and collect payment in return. They ensure compliance with safety rules and compliance with legislation. They monitor the proper operation of their vehicle and report technical problems to the maintenance departments. They must be in uniform and have a smart appearance.
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Ticket Inspector M/F

Combats fraud and ensures compliance with rules of citizenship and safety in the vehicles. They inspect tickets. As a sworn official, they are required to issue notices to passengers in breach.
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Mediation agent / Assistant Controller M/F

Welcomes and advises customers on the network routes, timetables, prices, tickets, etc. They refer information received in the field enabling services to be improved. Through dialogue, they defuse conflicts. Their preventative role enables them to prevent fraud and ensure the safety of the journey for customers and drivers.
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Transport Analyst

The Transport Analyst works on the creation, putting in place and development of bus routes.

Prepay Agent

The Prepay Agent manages and prepares the pay of all the company’s drivers.