History of Groupe Lacroix...

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Henri Lacroix

...origins in a chance meeting

Henri Lacroix founded the Cars Lacroix company in 1953 as a result of a chance encounter.

While driving along the Champs-Elysees in a Volkswagen Combi (a vehicle he acquired to transport family members), Henri Lacroix was spotted by the manager of a travel agency who asked him to take a group of tourists to Scandinavia. Although surprised, Mr Lacroix was delighted and accepted.

Following the success of that first trip, Henri Lacroix began to lay the foundations of his own company, Cars Lacroix.


He developed Cars Lacroix through hard work, an emphasis on quality and the trust he had earned from both clients and staff.

1974 marked an important and symbolic date in the history of the Lacroix family.
In order to meet the transport needs of the new town of Cergy-Pontoise, Cars Lacroix decided to team up with Cars Giraux to form STIVO; this was in effect the first “Group” decision, even if the holding structure did not yet exist.

1975 With the launch of the Carte Orange season ticket in 1975, public transport was opened up, mobility needs grew and Cars Lacroix continued to accompany the development of towns and cities in the Val d'Oise area.

With the concentration of the transport market between 1990 and 2000, Cars Lacroix decided to counter-attack and opted for external growth in order to secure its future.

Cars Lacroix thus acquired Cergy Voyages in 2001.

In 2002, the company decided to develop a holding structure, a necessary move in order to continue developing through acquisitions. From this emerged Groupe Lacroix.

Thereafter, Groupe Lacroix never stopped growing and numerous companies joined the Lacroix family with the following common values :

  • Human values : respect for and trust in people, continuity of relationships
  • Corporate citizen : respect for regions and the environment
  • Business expertise : striving for excellence.

    In 2018, Groupe Lacroix took a significant new step in its development with the arrival of Cube Infrastructure in its capital. Thanks to this new investor, Groupe Lacroix has taken on a new dimension.

    With its wealth of past success and its current talents, it now has the necessary resources to turn new technological, environmental and economic challenges into new sources of innovation and development.

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