PNA AERIAL fully electric

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PNA AERIAL fully electric

With the prestigious Enghien-les-Bains Casino as a backdrop, Diectrich Carebus Group officially handed over the keys of two fully electric Yutong ICE12 coaches to Jean-Sébastien Barrault, Chairman of Groupe Lacroix, and Yann Bonis, Director of its subsidiary, PNA AERIAL.

Among the main features of this new type of vehicle are its noiseless operation and the fact that it does not emit any CO2, NOX or fine particles: the goal of zero-pollution has thus been fulfilled!
Moreover, the above features ensure improved comfort and health for both passengers and city dwellers!



With a weight of 19 tonnes and a length of 12 metres, these vehicles can carry up to 59 passengers. Powered by 12 lithium batteries, they have a range of 200 km.
PNA AERIAL intends to use the new electrically-powered coaches to take pupils to school and tourists on sight-seeing trips around Paris.

Their acquisition marks a further step forward in the environmental policy developed by Groupe Lacroix, which is to move ever closer to sustainable and responsible transport.

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