Groupe Lacroix with Marcus Cratere at the Rio Olympic Games !

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For Groupe Lacroix, encouraging talents is an essential component of the corporate philosophy. This is the reason why they have chosen to support and encourage Marc-André Cratere, a high-level fencer, at the Rio Paralympic Games.

Marc-André Cratere, nicknamed Marcus, is an enthusiastic person, in sports as in daily life.

This French guy, 43, living in the Val d’Oise, holds an amazing career record :

  • several times wheelchair fencing world champion,
  • ranking 4th at the Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008,
  • silver medallist at the London Paralympic Games in 2012.

So, in 2016, he is heading to Rio for the golden medal !

To achieve his goal, Marcus had to go through a long and intensive physical and mental preparation. He also had to get a highly sophisticated wheelchair up to Paralympic standards. Thereto, he sought the help of several partners such as Groupe Lacroix which was happy to support this athlete by supplying some wheel equipment whose design is to ensure optimum grip on the surface for competition.

Today, Groupe Lacroix’s teams back Marcus Cratere to encourage him to always aim higher and reach farther !

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