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Nouveau site web Groupe Lacroix

Groupe Lacroix offers internet users a new, clearer and more modern website that can be viewed using any medium.

In the space of a few years, Groupe Lacroix has become a key player in the passenger transport sector. Our website therefore has to reflect this evolution and accommodate the new communication tools.

A more modern design for a better user experience

With its web-responsive design, our new website allows users to navigate from any device (smartphone, tablet or PC) and find the same information with an almost identical graphic design but with a page layout adapted to each device to ensure even greater browsing comfort.

A streamlined institutional website

Our new web space has adopted a sober and streamlined look. The homepage affords more space to images, notably via a slideshow promoting our fields of expertise and highlighting our news.

Easier and faster access to information

In order to provide users with faster access to information, we have fully rethought our content and the way it is organised. The new site thus features five main subject headings only, shortcuts to essential information, key figures on the homepage as well as a search engine.

An international dimension

Last but not least, Groupe Lacroix has decided to expand its frontiers by providing an English-language version of its website.
In sum, the new website reflects our ambition to constantly innovate in order to satisfy our clients’ new needs.

Welcome to www.groupe-lacroix.fr


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