The Cahier de Route website gets a makeover

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After much hard work by team members and a total redesign of the old site, the Cahier de Route association (chaired by Jean-Sébastien Barrault, Chairman of Groupe Lacroix) presents its new website :


Improved ergonomics for greater clarity has much-improved ergonomics compared with the previous version, thereby offering easier and more intuitive navigation through the different topics.
It also provides more space for content. Users can now get to know the association and its commitment to road safety much better.
The topics 'Cahier de Route Kit' and 'Cahier de Route Bus' describe the educational tools developed by the association.

A site redesigned for the teaching profession

As well as introducing the association, the new website also has the role of giving teachers a clearer idea of what the association can offer in terms of actions aimed at young people to prevent road accidents.
Using a search engine (located under School services), teachers can now identify the transport operator belonging to the association that operates in their area and contact it in order to implement a road safety project in their school.
Association members are already planning new functionalities for the website to be implemented by the end of 2014.

Accessing the website


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