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CO2 objective
On June 28, Christine Français, Director of the Grisel passenger transport company based in the Eure, signed the Charter of Voluntary Commitments to the Reduction of CO2 Emissions in the presence of the General Council of the Oise and Aisne districts and the Picardy region, thus making Grisel the first passenger transport operator to sign this Charter in the Haute-Normandie region.

Concrete and sustainable commitments

With this voluntary approach, Grisel has set targets for CO2 emission reductions to be achieved within 3 years. These objectives (in the form of action sheets) are fourfold :

Vehicles : Optimisation of the engine and drive train, use of energy-saving lubricants, dual-zone temperature management.

Fuel : Monitoring of fuel consumption.

Drivers : Training in eco-driving.

Organisation and management : Monitoring of energy consumption, improving paperwork management.

Through these goals and commitments, Christine Français has initiated a company policy that will involve the whole workforce and also impact the company’s 115 vehicles.

For Grisel, this commitment to sustainable development reflects a Groupe Lacroix policy that envisages a different approach to the role of transport operator, i.e. a business built on commitments and responsibilities to the passengers, local authorities and regions it serves. In future, Grisel’s commitment to sustainable development will be extended to other Groupe Lacroix entities which are already working on these issues.

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